Student Council Achievements

  • Successful charity fundraiser for Ummah Welfare Trust and Children in Need.
  • Changes in the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menus.
  • Weekly bakery introduced on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Clothes collection for Islamic Relief.
  • Implementation of new lunchtime Kitchen Khidmah groups.
  • Opening of the IT suite for boarding pupils on the weekends.
  • Introduction of weekend enrichment activities for pupils.
  • Increase of visiting time for parents on weekends.
  • Revamp of Darul Uloom classrooms and displays.


Chairman: Maaz Khalid
Vice-Chairman: Amaan Muhammad
Secretary: Mohammed Makda
Treasurer: Mehbub Hassam


Maaz Khalid (19+):

I will try to bring the legitimate concerns and needs of the student family to the world of administration and management, wherever it may have been missed.

Mohammed Makda (19+):

I will, as a student councillor, improve the school by taking in the views and suggestions of the students and staff.

Muhammad Ali (16+):

As a member of the student council, I aim to change the Darul Uloom for the betterment of the students and staff and to put the views of the students forward.

Amaan Muhammad (16+):

As a member of the Student Council, I aim to represent the 16+ year group to my highest capability. How? I will ensure that the views and opinions of my year group do not go unheard in all areas.

Mehbub Hassam (YEAR 11):

As a member of the Student council, I will take the opinions of my entire class and raise them in meetings so that action can be taken. Their views will be my views.

Umar Farook  (YEAR 11):

My aim is to be the voice of my year group in all areas of the Student Council and get things done.

Shakib Ahmed (YEAR 10):

As a member of the student council, I will get ideas from the year 10 form and bring it up in council meetings, to make the institute a better place.

Ishak Abdi (YEAR 10):

My aim as a member of the council is to get the voices of my year group heard and to campaign for good change. I aim to help maintain a happy atmosphere in the school.

Nadeem Islam (YEAR 9A):

As a member of the student council, my aim is to fulfill the needs of the students all across the Darul Uloom and to improve the school so that everyone who visits this place will acknowledge how wonderful a place this school is, to study.

Junaid Khan (YEAR 9A):

As a councillor, my aim is to achieve a positive atmosphere throughout the school and to make Darul Uloom a fun, safe and friendly place.

Naeem Haque (YEAR 9B):

As a councillor, I plan to help other students and improve the overall state of the school by solving individual situations.

Abdullahi Ossoble (YEAR 9B):

As a school councillor, my aim is to achieve to listen to everybody’s opinion in the school and be the medium of communication, for my year, with the management.

Emon Ali (YEAR 8):

My aim is to make sure the voice of the younger years (year 7, 8) heard, I believe I can do this with the help of my previous experience as a councillor in year 2,3,5,6.

Shabbir Bhayat (YEAR 8):

My aim is to listen to the students views and how they want DUL to become a better and safer place. As a school councillor, my aim is to help others that need help.

Jibreel Fakir (YEAR 7):

As a member of the student council, I pledge to change the Darul Uloom based on the ideas put forward by my class for the betterment of the school.

Osama Chan Aye (YEAR 7):

As a student councillor of Darul Uloom, I will try to make this school better for the students and staff.