(Memorisation of the Holy Qur’an)

The Darul Uloom is well known for its excellence in teaching pupils to read and memorise the Holy Qur`aan with Ilm al Tajweed. Memorisation of the Holy Qur`aan is of extreme importance and value to all Muslims; hence this institute has gone to great lengths to ensure that the standard of Tahfiz is of the highest quality. Strict quality control procedures are in place which ensures that no pupil is allowed to proceed to the memorisation stage, without first acquiring an acceptable standard of reading. This standard includes learning, understanding and applying the sciences of Ilm al Tajweed during the recitation of the Holy Qur`aan.

The Tahfiz classes are conducted in the morning and are deliberately kept small (10-18 per class).

The Tahfiz course consists of the following elements:

I. Foundation stage: Pupils learn the science of Ilm al Tajweed and are taught to apply it when reciting the Holy Qur`aan. All pupils are taught the origins of each Arabic letter and are required to pronounce the text correctly.

II. Tahfiz stage: Pupils begin by memorising a set text every day and this is increased in accordance with the pupil’s capability and aptitude. The lesson is divided into three parts; Memorisation of the set text, Revision of the current juz and revision of the previously revised texts.

III. Pupils are also encouraged to specialise in the detailed phonetics course, which upon completion leads to the qualification of a Qari.

Once the pupil has completed memorisation of the entire Holy Qur`aan, he is then required to revise the whole Qur`aan again thereafter an examination is conducted, and then if he is successful, he will be certified as a “Hafiz al Qur`aan”.